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Metal Cutting

Scrapping 2 million dollar FPSO turret bearing

Removing a Stuck pin from a weir Gate

Burning a 230mm Stuck pin out ouf liebherr Dock crane

Cutting a huge and old Iron pipe near the Archaelogical site

Cutting 9 ton press head of giant hydraulic press body for scrap yard. The lance cuts this 14 shaft in 10 mins.

Cutting a breaking head of a cone crushed

Thermal lance used to cut steel beams during WTC Ground zero cleanup

Cutting through a solid steel counter-weight using thermic lancing technologies

Cutting papermachine rollers with thermic lance

Cutting through the tubing of a cooling tower

Cutting Thick Steel Plate

Wolf drain , drilling the crucible HFB Arcelor -Mittal on 05/19/09

Scrap Yard Cutting
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