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  • Calorized Oxygen Lancing Pipe
  • Calorized Lancing Pipe
  • Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe
  • Lancing Pipe
  • Calorized Lance Pipe
  • powdercoated gas line pipe
  • Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipes
  • burning lance
  • Thermic Lance
  • ms erw lance pipe
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Agent Opportunities

Anaya Steel is looking for qualified agents to sell Daiwa’s Calorized and Thermal lance pipe in many parts of the world. Examine the current openings below and determine if your company would be interested in representing Daiwa’s Lancing solution within the country you reside.

Agents Wanted to Sell Lancing solution

Anaya Steel is looking for agents to sell our high quality Calorized and thermal lance pipes in a variety of industries like:

Steel Plants, Stainless Steel, Aluminum smelters, Foundries
Thermal lance for Steel Scrap yards, Construction, Demolishing, Steel plants, mining applications
Current affiliation with any of the above industry is required:
Currently Seeking Agents in these Countries:

Latin America
Central America
Caribbean countries
Middle East and North African region
Australia/New Zealand

Inquiry Process
If you are interested in representing Anaya Steel’s lancing solution manufacturing industry in one of the above countries, click here to send us an email.