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Calorized Lance Pipe (Daiwa)

Industry’s most reputed and safest lancing solution

Daiwa calorized lance lasts 3 to 10 times * longer than mild steel lance. Our pipe is used not only for the steel melting and refining of by blowing oxygen gas, but is also used for the injection of carbon, lime, coke, iron ore and/or other additives. Daiwa calorized lance has been used since 1955 in over 70 countries and over 150 steel plants worldwide. We are the forerunner in lancing technology and innovation where our R&D team is constantly inventing and further improving the lancing solution.

* Note : Lance consumption rate varies widely depending on the conditions in which the lance is used.

Characteristics of Daiwa Calorized Lance

(1) Minimum Consumption   The calorized layer and three layer refractory coating together generate the strong heat resistance and anti-oxidation to achieve minimum consumption of lance pipe to cut down your cost.
(2) Excellent Quality   Strict quality control is made at each production process from the consistent grade of raw materials to the finished products. Our quality control team has stringent quality protocols to ensure the safest lancing solution.
(3) Cost Effective Solution   Very cost effective solution with highest quality is achieved through mass production at our most advanced factory. We have the highest market cap in these product line worldwide.


  • Our thermal pipe is used for cutting steel, slags, ladle cleaning and tap hole opening

  • Caloized pipe is used for melting and refining steel at Electric Arc furnace.

  • Injection of carbon, lime powder, coke, meshed iron ore and/or other additives for adjusting grades of carbon steel or special steel.

  • Removing slag inside oxygen converter.

  • Other applications which require strong resistance against heat, oxidation, sulfuration, vanadium attack, etc. Also used in Aluminum smelting to blow Argon gas.

  • We also produce specialized solution for DRI, PCI and other application.


Two Types :   Daiwa CA lance   |   Daiwa SC lance

Refractory Coating *1

Layer *2

Mild Steel

of Calorized Layer *3

*1 Refractory Coating :   Daiwa calorized lance also has a thin refractory on the interior surface that shields the steel from direct contact with oxygen stream. On the exterior surface, it has a thick refractory coating that effectively protects the steel from heat attack. Our pipe sustains heat at very high temperature of 2000 deg Celsius.

*2 Calorized Layer
Daiwa Lance has a homogeneous calorized layer both inside and out.

*3 Microview of Calorized Layer
Calorizing process - Our pipe goes through Aluminum diffusion into high grade mild steel when heated up to 1000°C and forms heat resistant aluminum-iron alloy ( calorized layer ) over the surface of mild steel.

Comparison with Mild Steel

Principle of Calorized Lance

When calorized lance is exposed to high temperature, the calorized layer forms a heat resistant aluminum oxide ( alumina ) film over the surface and protects the mild steel against severe oxidation.

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